Winter Sale 2012Edit

  • 20/December At 10AM PST, the Steam Christmas sale will start!

Summer Sale "Fort" 2012Edit

  • 23/July: End of the Summer Sale!
  • 12/July: The Witcher 2 has a Summer achievement.
  • 12/July: Summer Sale has started!


Steam Gift PileEdit

  • 19/Dec: The Holiday sale and event has started!
  • 19/Dec: Bunch of Heroes: Holiday Pack (Free DLC) is out now.
  • 18/Dec: Huge amount of updates, get everything you can, good luck people!
  • 17/Dec: Puzzle Agent 2 added.
  • 17/Dec: Worms Reloaded, Frozen Synapse, Poker Night, and Left 4 Dead added and achievable, The Polynomial, DEFCON, Toki Tori, Post Apocalyptic Mayhem, Shogun 2 achievable.
  • 16/Dec: Total War: SHOGUN 2 achievement added.
  • 15/Dec: Gundemonium Recollection, Hitogata Happa, and Jurassic Park also have new achievements.
  • 15/Dec: Guardians of Graxia, and EDGE now achievable, Defense Grid, and GundeadliGne achievements added.
  • 15/Dec: Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Day of Defeat: Source, each has a new achievement.
  • 15/Dec: Psychonauts, and Trine now achievable
  • 15/Dec: New Champions Online achievement added.
  • 15/Dec: Orcs Must Die, Anomaly Warzone Earth, and E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy has been updated, it is now achievable.
  • 15/Dec: Rock of Ages has been updated, it is now achievable.
  • 15/Dec: Sanctum has received a Christmas update, is now achievable.
  • 14/Dec: Spiral Knights has a new achievement.
  • 14/Dec: Bastion, and Jamestown achievable, Trine has a new achievement.
  • 13/Dec: Audiosurf ingame achievement added.
  • 12/Dec: Dino-Day, Football Manager 2011, and Binding of Isaac now have achievements added.