The Steam Summer Sale 2012 started on the 12th July 2012 and ended on the 23rd July 2012.

Unlike previous events, there was no objective to complete. Only badges that could be collected for various tasks relating to the sale, and depending on how many you completed you were awarded a bigger badge.




Summer2012 Vote1 on
Vote once
Participate in at least one Community Choice vote.
Summer2012 Vote5 on
Vote 5 times
Participate in at least 5 Community Choice votes.
Summer2012 Vote15 on
Vote 15 times
Participate in at least 15 Community Choice votes.
Summer2012 Vote20 on
Vote 20 times
Participate in at least 20 Community Choice votes.
Summer2012 VoteEveryDay on
Vote every day
Participate in at Community Choice vote on each day of the Summer Sale.
Summer2012 VoteJoinGroup on
Join the Summer Sale Group
Visit the Summer Camp group and join up now!
Summer2012 BuyGameOnSale on
Save money!
Purchase any discounted game, bundle or DLC during the Summer Sale.




Summer2012 stage1 80
Steam Summer Sale 2012
66 XP
Participated in a Community Voting event (Junior Architect)
Summer2012 stage2 80
Steam Summer Sale 2012
83 XP
Participated in several Community Voting events (Elevated Carpenter)
Summer2012 stage3 80
Steam Summer Sale 2012
100 XP
King of the Fort - Get 7 Prizes